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    Two new "System Volume Information\_restore...." files have appeared on my C drive, leaving me very little free space.

    1. Do these files hae to be on C? I have two ext HD's with lots of free space.

    2. I can't find them in Windows Explorer even though I have checked the box to view hidden files.

    I have done thorough cleanups with several cleaners; the culprits for the recent loss of space are the new SVI files. Any suggestions on how to get my free space back (I usually have about 24% and now have 17% on a very small system).

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    Re: Restore Files

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      Re: Restore Files

      This link explains how to manage System Restore and also states that you must have it enabled on your system C: drive.
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        Re: Restore Files

        Thanks Wofen....That gave me 43,300,000 links to choose from...
        I added "reclaim disk space" and it narrowed it down to a 'only' a few thousand...

        The ones I read were not relevant. One was perfect, but it required commands which did not seem to work--I think it was for Vista whereas I am XP....I am not familiar with command lines at all....

        In any case, everything went back to normal today.. ! I was concerned yesterday because two mammoth files (~150MB each) were not defragmentable--something which has never happened before....Today they were.....I'll still have to see what else I can delete, as I am still at only 17% free space on a 10GB C:......