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How does a recovery cd disk work

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  • How does a recovery cd disk work

    I uncle have a toshiba laptop and it had windows xp installed on it. Due to suspected virus in the hard drive,I had to boot the laptop with a windows 98 boot disk, then delete the c parition with fdisk,format it. Now I want to resinstall the windows xp on it. My question is that now do I have to buy another windows xp license and install or the cd recovery disk that came with laptop will help me install the same licence key old xp that was originally installed on laptop so that I don't have to buy a new license of the windows xp? Please help guide.The laptop does not have any patition right now As I deleted the patitions on it due to suspecting virus.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How does a recovery cd disk work

    Insert the Recovery CD and follow the directions on the screen. Post back if you have any problems with that. You do realise that ALL the data and settings that were on the laptop have not been deleted.
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      Re: How does a recovery cd disk work

      Depends on what the laptop originally shipped with.

      Did you get a recovery disk with the laptop or was it a recovery partition??

      What Toshiab laptop is it???