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Proxy settings not sticking - Win 2000 SP4

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  • Proxy settings not sticking - Win 2000 SP4


    I am using proxy server on my internet with windows 2000 SP4. However, when i add in the exceptions - ' do not use a proxy server....' under the proxy settings on IE, it will disappear as & when the system likes. It is making me pissed. I hv to re-enter the exception list again. It happens 2 to 3 times each day. Any idea what is causing the issue?

    Thanks much

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    Re: Win 2000 SP4

    Is the machine joined to a domain? Is there a Group Policy taking effect?

    What version of IE?

    What have you tried to remedy this so far?
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      Re: Win 2000 SP4


      Yes connected to domain but i have check on the GPO no policy been configured.
      Using IE 6.0 SP1.

      Actually nothing I have tried yet - really at a loss.



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        Re: Win 2000 SP4

        All i have been doing is reenter the proxy exception list again & again.

        I have create a GPO but it does not seem to work at all

        Kindly advise if there is a better way?


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          Re: Win 2000 SP4

          Please use a decent title next time.

          Win 2000 SP4 is not a good title.