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Uninstall Service Pack 3

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  • Uninstall Service Pack 3


    I am trying to uninstall Service Pack 3 from Windows XP but I am unable to do so.

    I tried removing from Add/Remove Programs but the REMOVE button is not visible.

    I also tried going to the following path:
    c:\windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\spuni nst.exe

    But this does not exist.

    I also tried doing a system restore but it still have SP3.

    Please help!!!

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    Re: Uninstall Service Pack 3

    Why do you want to uninstall SP3?
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      Re: Uninstall Service Pack 3

      This is our test environment and I am trying to do some testing. Since this is the only test computer, I really don't feel like re-installing Windows again.

      I am hoping to remove SP3 and run a script that will install SP3 when a user logs in.


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        Re: Uninstall Service Pack 3

        When you installed it, did you opt to keep copies of the files that were replaced? If not, then you can't uninstall it.

        That is assuming you installed it after Windows was already setup of course - if it was slipstreamed into the install media, then again, you can't remove it.
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          Re: Uninstall Service Pack 3

          good business case for using software images in your testlab.. or virtual infrastructure with snapshots
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