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Windows XP access denied problem !

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  • Windows XP access denied problem !

    I defined rights and moved "My Documents" folder to D:/ drive.
    I changed the path by clicking its property.

    Later on i did formatting C:/ drive and reitsalled Windows XP Pro ,
    the same edition which i had before.

    Problem : When i click on the My Documents folder , it gives me error
    stating "Access denied" . But their is about 4 GB valuable data of mine.
    How to recover? In the properties of the folder its showing zero bytes
    but if i calaulate the total accupied space, that folder is only the big 1
    and i am sure about it. How to gain access to the folder ?

    It denies me access even if i log in as a "Default Administrator" ... Any solution ?

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    Re: Windows XP access denied problem !

    Take ownership of the My Documents folder on the D: drive andadd your user account giving it Full Control.

    Before formating ANY HDD again, backup data to another location before commencing modification of the partition. Ie, burn to DVD or copy to an external HDD or a network share.
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