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After start up, the taskbar disappears

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  • After start up, the taskbar disappears

    After one of my users starts up his laptop the taskbar shows, then after about one minute the taskbar disappears and you can not click any of the desktop icons.

    The task bar is DEFINITELY not hidden, it is NOT dragged out of view,

    The only ways I have seen to temporary resolve this is to
    1. Restart the computer (takes a 1 or 2 restarts)
    2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch the Task manager, Kill Explorer.exe, then launch Explorer.exe.

    Any thoughts on a way to fix this.


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    Re: After start up, the taskbar disappears

    So little detail given...

    OS version, edition, architecture, SP installed?

    What antivirus and other protective software do you have installed?

    What of relevance appears in the event logs, if anything?

    When did this start happening, and what changed?

    Is Windows fully up to date?

    What have you tried to fix the issue, if anything?

    Please post full details as per the forum rules, otherwise you will put a lot of people off wanting to help you. We all volunteer our free time on here, and we really don't like playing 20 Questions.
    Thank you.
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      Re: After start up, the taskbar disappears

      OS - XP, SP3, 32bit (all updates)
      AV - Symantec Corp AV (11.0.6005.562)
      Other - MalwareBytes scanned recently

      Nothing out of the ordinary shows in the event logs

      At this point I have not tried anything

      The only other thing is that this is an intermittent issue, Today when looking at it, it has not happened once
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        Re: After start up, the taskbar disappears

        Try this.!.htm

        Check for Root Kits and apply a remover or two.
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