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How to edit MBR in Windows XP ?

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  • How to edit MBR in Windows XP ?

    I have IBM Thinkpad R50e-1834-EQ1

    Problem : Using dual boot OS ( Windows XP Pro & Linux Slackware )
    I want to keep only Windows XP .
    Current boot loader is LILO
    I just want only Windows XP now
    How to do ?

    Method i know is

    Go to Disk management >
    > Delete Linux partition
    > Modify MBR ( At this point i am not sure if loads Windows MBR )
    > Once i tried but result was
    = When machine rebooted it said Linux boot loader missing ....

    Second method which i know is it possible to do this ?

    > Insert Windows XP Pro CD in to CD Rom
    > Run Win xp setup
    > Press R to Repair
    > Log on by command prompt
    > Fix MBR by the specific command
    > Reboot machine
    > Rmove the CD ( Pls tell me the exact command step by step if this method is useful )

    Can it work?

    Please give me perfect solution. I can't afford if my Windows
    crashes. And i am using Laptop cant remove hard disk to take huge backup..Ha!

    Waiting for reply,
    All in 1
    Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.

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    Re: How to edit MBR in Windows XP ?

    Or do an inplace install of XP and then delete linux partition.
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      Re: How to edit MBR in Windows XP ?

      i have used a tool called AEFDISK
      its a command line tool (free) and the usage is aefdisk /mbr
      but i have always after using it reinstalled a fresh OS and not used the old one from the dual boot.
      so i cant tell you 100% if it will boot up your old OS but it will fix the MBR.
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        Re: How to edit MBR in Windows XP ?

        fdisk /mbr

        from a win98 bootdisk should do the trick. It will delete the Master Boot Record and then it is re-written when you next boot.

        Hope this helps


        P.S. and to remove the linux partition for reuse use delpart.exe.
        Delpart doesn't care what FS is on the partition (unlike fdisk) and just looks at the drive.
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