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Software Packaging on a VM

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  • Software Packaging on a VM

    Hi, I've tried some googling on this and haven't found any pertinent information:

    I'm looking at a project of MSI packaging a bunch of software most likely using:


    potentially AdminStudio if we hit a brick wall.

    My question is this. Has anyone had any issues of using a Virtual Windows XP Machine to create your MSI's using any of these products or any packaging products?


    PS Sorry if its the wrong forum, but there didn't seem to be anything pertinent to this question.

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    Re: Software Packaging on a VM

    In the past, I have only ever used a VM; the reason being I wanted to use a clean machine, and the easiest way to get that is to take a copy of the VHD after a fresh install, and restore that version of the VHD file each time. There'll probably still be some changes to exclude from the MSI, but far fewer than if you did it on a production machine.

    Since this has nothing to do with Group Policy though, it really should have been posted to the Windows XP forum...
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