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  • dual partition

    hi , to everyone just registered and first time to post.

    i have a desktop computer running with windows xp home which is a japanese
    i want to install another windows xp home english version by partition.

    but ,
    i only have a cd of windows xp home upgrade english version .

    is there anyone could give me some point ,advice or suggestion regarding this matter.

    much appreciated, tnx

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    Re: dual partition

    If you want to install a new copy of Windows XP but you only have an upgrade CD available, then you'll either have to install a previous version that you have a licence for to upgrade from, or buy an appropriate copy of XP you can install from scratch.
    Gareth Howells

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      Re: dual partition

      sir gforceindustries ,

      thank you very much for your suggestion.
      now i'm relief , i had different opinion and suggestion from a relatives and friend.
      coming from an expert now i know what to do.

      tnx again keepup yhe good work.


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        Re: dual partition

        If you ONLY have the upgrade disk, and not the original japanese disk, you could try this cludgey workaround:

        1. Back everything up
        2. create a "ghost" image of your current install
        3. Create a new partition
        4. Restore the ghost image to your new partition
        5. Edit the boot loader so it sees the new partition and can boot both
        6. boot the second partition, the "new" one, then try and run the upgrade on that installation to see how it goes.

        PS - I do NOT guarantee this would work.
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          Re: dual partition

          thank's tehcamel i'll keep that in mind.

          does ghost really exist but tnx anyway taking a moment of your time.
          regarding my thread.

          "All Best"


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            Re: dual partition

            Ghost, in terms of the symantec "ghost" program for making bit-level clones of disks, definitely exists.

            Ghost, in terms of paranormal activity such as spirits, poltergeists and similar, well, that's your own decision to make :P
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              Re: dual partition

              OK thanks again.