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Using Windows Explorer to search over a VPN

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  • Using Windows Explorer to search over a VPN

    We currently have a remote site connected to a W2K3 SBS over a VPN, the problem is that all the docs (Word, Excel etc) are all stored on the SBS.

    They need to be able to search using a word or phrase contained in the document, ideally using Windows Explorer, and get the right answer back - and then be able to open that doc from the results.

    Does anyone know whether this is possible - either using Index Server or an alternative. I am trialling GoogleDesktop using DNKA on the server, but it isn't quite there yet, as I am not able to open up the docs directly from the search results.

    We have Sharepoint if that will help.



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    Re: Using Windows Explorer to search over a VPN

    You will need to check that you can use DNS\WINS on the local LAN from the VPN client.
    If the network perfomance are ok, you may have option to use search option to find docs.
    You may need ot consider using Citrix or other methood in case you have slow network.
    Share Point - The SBS includes Share Point Service and not Share Point Portal.
    You can check if it will help you in this case, but you will need to verity that you know how to backup/restore it in case of problem.


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