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Offline Files and Mapped drives

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  • Offline Files and Mapped drives


    We started synchronizing our laptop users My Documents folders to one of the servers to keep a backup of the data in case a users laptop get stolen or something else happens to it.

    On the same server that the users data are being synced to we have a few shared folders which contain project data which a few of the users work on. Theses shared drives are mapped to the users laptop and can access it when they are out of the office via the VPN.

    Since the off line folders option have been enabled, whenever the user connect to shared drive via the VPN, the only shared folder he can see is the folder with which he synchronizes. As soon as I disable off line files he can see all the shared folders on the server. But with the Off line files enabled he can still see all shared folders on other server, just not on the one where his data is syncing to.

    Is this normal? Is there a way work around this headache?