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Usb Controller Wont Start!!

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  • Usb Controller Wont Start!!

    Hi folks recently i came up with this minor problem wherein none of my usb devices wont work,so while i was investigating this problem i noticed that under system devices usb controller displayed a yellow exclamation mark indicating a problem with the hardware.
    After double clicking on pci usb controller the error read as "error code 10 cannot start the device"
    Tried to uninstall the hardware and reinstall it back but still the same error,did windows update as well,any specific reason as to why this error keeps occuring.
    Looks like it needs some kind of updating to be done either on the bios or some inf file,if this is required can anyone list down proper steps on how to do that.
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Usb Controller Wont Start!!

    Did you try rolling back to a previous Restore Point (assuming you are using XP)?
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