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weird networking problems

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  • weird networking problems

    howdy guys, i have a somewhat tedious problem; bare with me while i explain it;

    The school i work at has two separate networks, these two networks are not intended to talk to each other as one is specifically for administration tasks, while the other is the general school/student usage ones. The admin network has all the information regarding the school and therefore must be cornered off from prying students eyes (the security on the admin network is poor; they use basic passwords for everything.. like the administrator password is 'password' for the local computer..

    Anyhow, a need has finally arised where the two networks have to be linked together. Our reporting system runs off of files which usually get passed out by floppy disk to each of our 80 or so staff. As you can guess its not exactly efficient. So we came up with the idea to run a network share from the school server and let the admin computers access that server through a vlan.

    Now here comes the tricky part. We have it all set up right (as far as i know, im not the person in charge of this) and our login script works beautifully on the admin computer which is based on NT (its also not located with the other admin computers so the routing may be different) which will map a share to r: and give the appropriate access..

    However, as soon as we move down the win2k admin area computers they will'NOT map the network drive, it sits there and says 'error number 5 occured access denied'

    Now, i have tried it with the login (its a generic teacher login, used iint he batch file) and also with my own administrative logon, but neither work.

    the batch file looks somewhat like:
    net use r: \\ipaddyofserver\reports$ /userOMAIN\teachers teachers
    where teachers is the password.

    even if i try it manually it still wilfl not auth me properly, even though i am 10000% sure my password is correct and info is right..

    Does anyone have any clues?
    Oh btw, both domains run on win2k3 domains, but are not linked whatsoever, the vlan only allows very specific traffic and that through it so yeh.. If anyone has any ideas thatd be great.


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    Re: weird networking problems

    Are you trying to make the Admin domain access the Student domain or visa verse?

    If Admin to access Student, make an entry into WINS on the Admin server that points to the Student server. You can then map a drive to the share on the Student side.
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      Re: weird networking problems

      yeh the other way round..

      the admin computers all need to access a share on the student server pretty much.. and we need it so no matter what, the students cannot get back into the admin network (one way traffic if you like, however they do need to read and write just the School server.)

      I will have a look tomorrow and see what i can suss out.. but if there are any other suggestions/comments they are indeed welcome.

      Thanks for you help so far


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        Re: weird networking problems

        Forgot to mention that you need the same user account on both networks.
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