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Just Before I Reimage - DHCP Client Wont start

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  • Just Before I Reimage - DHCP Client Wont start

    hi guys,
    i've been googling this for the past 2 days , and have tried probably everything to sort out this problem soo im facing imaging this pc, normally that wouldnt bother me , just that its my pc , and im the sys admin in this network.

    The problem is this:
    my computer wont renew its address from the dhcp server ( server 2k3 ), after some simple troubleshooting i noticed that the dhcp client service on my pc isnt working , soo i tried to switch it on , and it wont go on with this error " error 2: cannot find the file specified".
    i have tried almost everything , from making sure the file ( svchost ) is there , to running sfc /scanno, to uninstalling recent software and microsoft updates.
    all in all im rather clueless as to what the hell is wrong with my pc, the file is there , but it wont start the dhcpsvc.dll , or at least thats what i gather from this error.

    if you know this problem , or you think you can implement some out of the box thinking about this ( cause seems like i cant ) , please do and stop my pc from going through this reimaging , it really is a pain

    Thanks ,

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    Re: Just Before I Reimage - DHCP Client Wont start

    Have you tried a repair the Windows installation?
    A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy