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Page File Problem: Missing Registry Key

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  • Page File Problem: Missing Registry Key

    OS: WIN2000 SP4, added upgrade yesterday.
    Single machine used at home, not networked.

    After downloading an update yesterday afternoon, I tried downloading another update in the evening. I got a message saying the previous download required a restart, so I rebooted the computer and recieved a message saying my Page File was too small. I wrote down the message and the directions on how to fix it.

    I changed the settings and rebooted, but got the same message. Late at night I gave up and turned the computer off. This morning I recieved the same frigging message and looked up the problem in Google and found this great site. I printed the directions and did what they said, which mirrored the the directions I had followed last night: Right click My Computer/Advanced/Performance Options. I selcted hte C drive and changed the values to reflect an amount 1 1/2 times my RAM, which is 1G. I clicked Set, then OK, and rebooted. Same message! (Insert Bad Language Here)

    Ok, so I read some more ideas on how to fix this problem, one of which was to change some Registry Values. It said to follow this path: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlSessionManage r\MemoryManagement.

    I discovered that the ControlSessionManager Key was missing! No wonder the settings weren't staying; there was no place to write them to!

    Now what? I can still use my computer, but I can't multitask very well.

    Should I reinsatll the OS or is there some other way to fix the Registry?

    Thanks for your help.

    Caley Woulfe

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    Re: Page File Problem: Missing Registry Key

    Have you tried creating the key yourself??