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Windows XP Pro SP2 Offline Files Sync Issue

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  • Windows XP Pro SP2 Offline Files Sync Issue

    One of my laptop users has an issue where some of his offline files "disapear". I have seen it with my own two eyes so he is legit. When he is in the office and hooked to the network all is fine of course. When he logs off all of his folders/files go through the sync process and report no errors. The files will even show up for a few days while offline, but eventually about 75% of his offline files just seem to disappear.

    Our setup: I redirect all of my users' MY Docs folder to our file server. I have created a GPO for laptop users that allows for offline files. This GPO is set to sync the My Docs folder and all subfolders and files for offline availibility. This works and has worked like a champ for some time, but this one particular user is the only one with the problem.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Windows XP Pro SP2 Offline Files Sync Issue

    Is he reaching the limit of 2Gb of the offline files ?
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      Re: Windows XP Pro SP2 Offline Files Sync Issue

      I am embarrassed that I didn't see this before now, but YES he has 3.14GB on the server and his folder is set to 2.x GB. It seems like you can bump up the size from within the offline files properties, but when I do this and hit apply it keeps going back to 2.x GB. I am going to look into this a little deeper and check on limits etc, but any info in the meantime is appreciated!!

      EDIT: One other thing... I edited our offline files GPO to forcefully make the offline files cache size 20% of the users drive. I now can't edit the cache size manually which tells me that the GP was applied succesfully, but the grayed out slider value still displays that he can obly 5% of his disk which 2GB. Does that grayed out value even mean anything with the application of the new policy setting?
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        Re: Windows XP Pro SP2 Offline Files Sync Issue

        I have been seeing Offline Files Sync issue for a while and had been ignoring it.

        Every time I sync my offline files, they usually disappear. I can see the links in history but most of them are grayed out. Any time I reboot my machine, cache is emptied.

        How do I fix this problem? Thanks