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  • updatetask.exe

    I keep getting a window which tells me that "updatetask.exe has been blocked from accessing the internet"
    I looked it up on Google and the answers say it should be deleted and I should scan my computer with Malwarebytes. I have done this. The file keeps reappearing in Windows/prefetch. I delete it but it comes back. The Malwarebytes scan did not show this file. Where is it coming from? Is it possible to get rid of it permanently?
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    Re: updatetask.exe

    It would be helpful if you could post more information about the alert and the file.

    The alert should also give the path to the file.

    Updatetask.exe is the name of a file commonly installed as part of the toolbar. Many vendors do not trust it because it is associated with adware. Therefore, you need to check the path to the file to ensure that this is the case:




    If so, you can get free help from a professional malware removal expert by reading the announcement thread in this forum, following the instructions and waiting for help from one of their people.
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      Re: updatetask.exe

      Thank you Blood. I found and deleted it and ran a complete scan using which took about 3 hours which found 2 Trojans. If this has only a temporary effect I will go further with what you suggest.