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    I have a customer who use roaming profiles from SBS Server 2003, he has just been given a brand new PC and refuses to use it because it has IE7 and not IE6... Apart from that, his new machine's desktop icons are not aligned in the same way as his old PC! To quote him, "This is stopping me from doing my job!" and he refuses to use it. He is the MD of the company.

    Does anyone know if the desktop layout is stored in a file and if so where it is? Or even if anyone know whether this layout setting is stored by the roaming profile?

    Cheers - Philly

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    Re: Desktop Layout & Roaming Profiles

    What a pinhead. Oooo, my icon has moved to the other side of the TV thing that displays them and I find it too hard to drag and drop them back the way they were.

    How does his company make money if an icon in a different place stops him from doing his job. Sounds like he has a TADIS head. Small on the outside but a huge empty space on the inside.

    Sorry, your problem. For some reason, Desktop.ini keeps popping into my TADIS head.

    Also found this.

    Once you have his desktop setup to suit, I suggest you take a Screenshot of the whole desktop so if anything like this happens in the future it will be easy to place his toys back where he can find them. Once they are setup you should be able to logoff and then logon again and they should maintain their position.

    You haven't set him with a Mandatory Roaming so the icons don't stay where they are moved to once he logs off, have you?
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      Re: Desktop Layout & Roaming Profiles

      How about giving him the screenshot as a desktop background so if his icons move he knows where to drag them to
      (admitedly, if he tries dragging one of the pictures of icons, this may take some time )

      Concur re TARDIS
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