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Mouse moving on its own??

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  • Mouse moving on its own??

    I had a user a couple months back that reported the mouse moving to its own accord and even opening up random programs.

    Of course this was treated urgently, in case of a compromise.

    I unplugged the machine from the network, ran 2 virus scans and various malware scans only to find a few tracking cookies, nothing major.

    Tried changing the mouse etc as well.

    THe next day, user comes back in and its been fine since, so thought nothing of it.

    Now 2 others are reporting exactly the same thing!

    I have yet to run scans on these but...I'm literally lost. I have seen it with my own eyes, totally weird.

    Any pointers??

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    Re: Mouse moving on its own??


    Well, I figured out what it was out of pure luck.

    There is a remote user, that comes to the office about once a month. I overheard him talking to someone about something to do with his mouse...

    Long story short, when he moves his mouse, it's also moving the mice on 2 other desktops!

    Makes sense I guess. All 3 are using wireless mice, although the remote user's one differs in manufacturer than the other 2 (Microsoft Vs Logitech).

    First time it's ever affected anyone else though, apart from the one isolated incident (which isnt happening anymore).

    lol. I gave him a USB mouse to use when in the office o.-


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      Re: Mouse moving on its own??

      Wow! That's amazing. Thanks for that!
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