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  • FTP in Win XP Prof


    As a requirement, i would want to configure FTP service in a Win XP Prof OS Intalled system and need to share files using the Same.

    I have Installed and configured IIS as per the below Link..

    But when i tried to open the FTP site,its showing a Pop-up of Username and Password.

    Its not taking the username and Password which is same on the Administrator's Login Credential of the system where FTP is configured.

    Pls help me on this...

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    Re: FTP in Win XP Prof

    Hi there,

    Did you set the site to allow anonymous connections and then set a username and password for them to use?

    I did this over a year ago when I was still using XP. I used Filezilla. Its open source and worked for me. There are some easy to follow tutorials as well:

    Obviously you also need to enable port forwarding if you want to access your FTP site outside your LAN.

    Oooh and I cant remember if I exceeded to required post count to post links ...hmmm!

    Hope this works for you