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  • Routing application

    Hiya All,

    I've a computer with 2 nics installed (for using two seperated networks), and I was wondering if there is any application for routing packets according to the application they are based from or any other method.
    I'm aware for ms route.exe application, but somehow either I'm configuring it correctly or it doesn't work as expected and this is the reason why I'm looking for gui application that will simplify things out.

    10x in advanced,
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    Re: Routing application

    None that I am aware of, it's pretty complex stuff you are wanting to do.

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      Re: Routing application

      I'm assuming your using windows xp. i dont know of any applications but i have an idea on how to do this. should work but untested. set up 2 user accounts. on one account use the first nic and disable the other one and on the other use the second. for applicatoin you want to use with the first nic just run them. for the applications you want to use with the second nic do a runas to use the second user account. seems like that would work.
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