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no status bar on startup, minimizing wired

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  • no status bar on startup, minimizing wired

    The user is very common: no registery / twiking (nothing knownly).
    She says that she open the computer, entered her u&p and got Desktop as a window instead of Icons normally on the background.
    There is no option to open Start Menu
    C+A+Delete works but when trying to invoke explorer.exe only opens My Document in new window.

    Any suggestion would be appriciated.

    [The user is in South Africa while I'm in Israel so no System Restore / other possibly dangerous option please]
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    Re: no status bar on startup, minimizing wired

    What happens if the user taps the "Windows" key or hits ctrl+escape? Does the start menu magically appear? Check system files via: "SFC /scannow" . Of course, do a scan with your favorite anti-malware/spyware/virus tools. This sounds like some fairly basic malware mischief is afoot -- or could be some kind of system file corruption.

    A possibly dangerous option might be unavoidable, unfortunately. I am all to familiar with having to walk users through major operations like reinstalling operating systems over the phone. No fun, but at least they can't see you playing games on your computer while you wait for them.
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      Re: no status bar on startup, minimizing wired

      Does pressing the Windows + E key open Windows Explorer? If it does you can navigate to \windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe to start System Restore and roll back to a previous point.

      Has your friend connected their laptop to a Domain (network) at their work? Thinking a GPO may have been applied.
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