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Windows XP and IE configuration Audits

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  • Windows XP and IE configuration Audits

    Hello, I'm wondering if you could help me. After browing google for many different searches and downloading a load of products that while good dont particularly help me I thought i'd come ask the experts (you guys) if you have any information stored away in your brains (or bookmarks).....

    My problem is that I've been given the task of troubleshooting some issues we are having with a software solution thats being brought in. The fault seem to lie on particular windows XP computers that have similar software setup. I need an audit piece of software that can pull all the standard windows settings off these computers (either manually or via the network) and have them listed in some way that I can make a comparison spreadsheet out of these.

    Idel information would be:

    windows XP configs (most important)
    IE Configuration settings (most important)
    Hardware Reports
    Software Reports (Including Windows Updates)

    Ideally the product would be free or small cost.

    Thanks for ANY help you may provide