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    Hello Everybody and Seasons Greetings!

    I am a computer teacher (not IT) at a very small private school for underprivileged children. We do not have fancy software, hardware, etc. and I thus achieve what I want with mostly primitive practices.

    In total I have to create 60 user accounts by hand on our peer to peer network with the "server" being a Windows XP Pro Machine - no other server software. The only difference is that my "server" has more memory and Hdd space.

    Is there anyway in which this can be done automatically? I already discovered a wonderful little program which created all the home folders which they will access over the network. I set security restrictions on each folder then by hand, which is fine - I know it has to be done, but it would be so great if I could create a text file and import the users with the passwords, perhaps even as restricted users.

    Your help in this regard will greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Auto Create List of Users

    Tanya, can I suggest you contact your local Microsoft office, inform them of your software isues and ask if they can provide you with Server 2003 software and the appropriate number of CALs. Explain fully your financial position and with luck you may be provided with some Server software. MS do help out in circumstances like yours but you need to contact the correct people to get the ball rolling.

    As for your present situation, your major issue is that Windows XP Pro will only accept 10 connections at any one time. Hence the need for proper Server software.

    Are you wanting the 60 User Acounts with passwords and User Folders to be automatically created by using a text file to import them? If you had a Domain Controller then I could say yes but I don't think it can be done with XP. I could be wrong (hope I am for your sake) but 60 names do not take to long to manually type in fi you setup a template with the appropriate settting and security to start with.
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      Re: Auto Create List of Users


      Thank you for your most prompt reply.

      I contacted MS in South Africa before and because we are private, irrespective any other circumstances we do not qualify according to them. But, I will try again this year because I know we have in the mean time obtained PBO (Private Benefit Organization) status and just maybe that will play a positive role since that means it is tax deductable.

      Yes, I will do it the same way as before, by hand - and it does not really take that long, however just thought I could save a couple of hours . What I do is, I allow all the users to work on their local pc's respectively but, at the end of the session they do a quick replication with Karen's Replicator to their "server" folder to which only they have access. I also have a one or two folders on the "server" which is for everybody's use such as Pictures of events, Resource materials, but both of mostly do not get used by all 12 computers at once. On the rare occassion where I needed students to work on such a folder I replicated it to their local pc's. As I said everything is very primitive but at least I know they are getting a very good computer background and an opportunity to use it hopefully in the office environment one day when they matriculate.

      Thank you again for your response.