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Making a bootable cd from I386

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  • Making a bootable cd from I386

    I have been researching a way to make a restore cd from the I386 file. I have found a manual way at
    but I'm trying to find a more automatic way to do this. Does anyone know of a software package or easier way to make this disk?
    I repair computers for a living and this would be a handy trick for those that didn't receive restore cds.
    I already know I'm not that bright. Please be constructive. Only give your 2cents if it helps. Don't be condesending or demeaning. It doesn't make you look smart. You just look like an arse.
    Chris Robertson
    The Computer Doctor

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    Re: Making a bootable cd from I386

    How about a WinPE environment? I use one for deploying Server 2k8 across hardware and virtual machines. Customization is done via HTA menu choices. There is TCP/IP support too, so loading drivers and whatnot is easy too.



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      Re: Making a bootable cd from I386

      Nlite allows you to create a custom build CD from an i386 folder, including slipstreaming drivers, integrating service packs, making the ISO bootable etc. Oh and it's completely FREE which is nice.