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  • Locked out of XP Pro

    Hello all - and Happy NewYear !!!

    Did something stupid yesterday: I wanted to connect my work-laptop to my home PC. To do that I though I needed to have the laptop join the Windows workgroup of my home PC, so I added the workgroup to my laptop, which asked for a reboot. Coming up again, I could not logon anymore into the laptop (on which I don't have admin rights)... and after a few attempts my account is now probably locked altogether...

    I tried the LOGON.SCR trick, but when trying to issue the 'net user' command it denies me access to the command... tried to get back to the Network Places via this way, but same result...

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get back to the 'old situation' ? I can see my data is still in there (I can boot from a Linux CD), but don't have a clue on how to rectify this. Preferably without going back to work and sit & wait until IT is ready to give me a hand.

    I know I did something stupid by now, but would appreciate any help or suggestions very much ...

    thanks on beforehand !


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    Re: Locked out of XP Pro

    CYA, don't try anything and let the IT guys fix it. No matter what you do the IT guys will have to look at it to connect it back to work's AD, and the more they see you have messed with it, the more trouble you'll be in. Right now you've only made a common mistake, and I seriously doubt anything would come of it.
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      Re: Locked out of XP Pro

      And bring in some beer or a cake to make sure they fix it rapidly.
      Anhow, I agree with Wired...
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