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Wireless Modem Issues

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  • Wireless Modem Issues


    Have a small issue and am sick of racking my brains about it, so i thought someone with a fresh view on the situation may be able to assist.

    At the moment we have made some changes to the DNS Settings (have moved DNS services to a virtual server, all pcs connected to the domain have no name resolution issues).

    But as soon as a Wireless modem is plugged in and connects to the provider, we are unable to browse to ANY internet addresses via name. However, if we browse to the site via an IP address is works.

    I am thinking it may have something to do with the GP released as a part of the changes made to the DNS server.

    Anyone got any other ideas as to what it may be?

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    Re: Wireless Modem Issues

    Are you usng the wireless modem in conjunction with the wired network??? i.e having them both connected at the same time???

    Is the wireless modem being used by a machine or does your network use it as a gateway??

    Are your DNS setting being hard coded into the NIC of the wireless modem???

    What settings did you change in your GPO??

    It'll definately be a DNS issue as you can get to sites via the IP address but checking the basics, which you've probably already done, can help.

    I know they are some basics but it'll give me an uderstanding of what you've done.


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      Re: Wireless Modem Issues

      We sorted this issue out quite a while ago was in fact the setting applied to the laptops via Group Policy.

      Thank you kindly for your reply.


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        Re: Wireless Modem Issues

        What setting was it??