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    Is there any away to configure a user profile for an excisting domain user without asking for that user's password?

    I am trying to configure a new PC for the CEO and as far as I know, in order to be able to create the account, I have to have the domain username and password to create the account. I can have the CEO log on to the computer once so the profile can be created, but to complete the configuration, I will have to restart a few times and log on with the user's account and I am getting some resistance about having full access to the PC.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: User Profile Configuration

    Create the domain account and set the password to something you know. Make sure to uncheck the User must change password at next login box under the account tab on the user properties.

    You can the login as the user complete the configuration and then check the user must change password at next login box before you have the user login for the 1st time.


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      Re: User Profile Configuration

      The domain account already exist. Thanks.

      I ended up getting the password from the user.