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  • Remotlyinstall

    I have 100 Win Xp machines in my LAN. I have to install a certain software & uninstall the certain software, Pl. advice me any utility or any script to do the same . I have local administrator rights & I want to do it from desktop.

    I shall be very much obliged for the same.

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    Re: Remotlyinstall

    Originally posted by gaurav_abbot
    I have local administrator rights & I want to do it from desktop.
    Am I correct in understanding that you want to go to each individual machine, uninstall a certain software and install another certain software? There are easier ways to do it than that.

    If I have got what you want to do all wrong, please post back with a description of your Network and what software (install and uninstall) your are applying to your machines. Remember the more details/information the better.
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      Re: Remotlyinstall

      Actually Eariler we used marimba for patch deployment , now our company did not want in our n/w so I have to uninstall the this software from 100 Win-XP machine without going to every machine.
      another is i have to install the OCS on all the machines . I have local admin rights on all machine.

      these all machines are in our LAN. Now my I want to do both task from one desktop through script or any command or any software.

      Gaurav abbot


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        Re: Remotlyinstall

        Install using GPO

        If the installer for the software you wish to remove can handle it try one of the following scripts from here

        Uninstall Remote Apps 1
        Uninstall Remote Apps