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login prompt with shared folder

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  • login prompt with shared folder


    I have three Windows XP Pro machines (one desktop and two laptops). The laptops are identical HP machines and were purchased at the same time and connect to the network wirelessly. I log into both laptops as Administrator but use complete different passwords.

    The Desktop machine has a shared folder which is mapped to the X:\ drive on the laptops. The Desktop machine also has a different administrator password from the laptops.

    After all that intro, here is the thing I can't work out:

    1. Boot laptop 1 and it will connect to the X:\ drive without a prompt for login details
    2. Boot the second laptop and when I try to access the X:\ drive, XP asks for a username/password. The thing is the user name is filled in by default as the machine name (Scott) and if I just leave the password blank and click accept, the drive becomes available until the machine is rebooted.

    There is no user named Scott on the desktop machine (or any of the machines for that matter) so XP can't be doing any type of authentication. Checking the "save password" box also does nothing.

    Any guidance is much appreciated

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    Re: login prompt with shared folder

    In a workgroup you must have the same usernames and passwords on all the devices for you to be abel to connect to resources.


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      Re: login prompt with shared folder

      wullieb1 - any idea why this rule is only being enforced on one of the laptops.


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        Re: login prompt with shared folder

        Does the account logon with the same details as the other devices in the workgroup???

        As i said setup the same username and password on each device and you should be good.