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Hard shutdown removed profile? [Title Changed]

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  • Hard shutdown removed profile? [Title Changed]

    A desktop DELL computer with XP pro/SP3 ... The user shutt down the computer by keep pressing on the CPU button.

    When rebooting and the screen shown to press Ctrl+Alt+Del ... and every thing seems functional good but nothing happened I tried twice and many times ... tried to shuttdown the system and reboot again ... Tried to disconnect all cables even Network cable and same thing nothing happen when Ctrl+Alt+Del keys pressed ... even I thought that is from the keyboard I replace it and the same issue ....

    I tried the safe-mode ... same thing nothing

    Finally I reboot the computer Pressed F8 and I choose Last Known good configration after POST ....

    And what happend the computer accept the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and login users screen shown up finally but I missed the user account .....

    This is the desaster .... the account I setup to the user to access oracle Database and our system in the Corp. is gone and more-over even the files in Document and setting folder that related to that user is not there also after a while I felt that the ODBC not working my TCP/IP not correct and the computer name even is not the same one I setup ...

    Then I knew that the last known good configration took the last acount was there and deleted all new acounts ....

    the problem now the computer functionalty is not good even MS-office sending messeges that I have to put in the CD to complete some installations and other programms functions in up normal ways, so also VB6 application blinking then comes with unknow bugs and I have no doubt that applications have no bugs.

    ODBC also not connected with Oracle .... every thing is corrupted because of user account issue and authorization I think???????

    Please help me in this issue to recover the lost user account because it is too difficult to re-install every thing from Zero.......

    Waiting your replys and solutions with thanks if anyone have or know about this problems.

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    Re: Please, need an ugent help in this issue ...

    In future please use a more descriptive post title as per the forum rules.

    You could try a system restore, it should bring the account back although if the profile is gone as well that may not help much. I assume that you're not in a Domain environment, or if you are this is purely a Local User account, it is extremely hard to work out from your post. If it's a domain account that has been deleted you can restore it using the Windows Support Tools, I think it's LDP.exe from memory.
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      Re: Please, need an ugent help in this issue ...

      As per the rules please use a descriptive title.

      Like cruchan suggested, try system restore. Otherwise, reload the PC since somehow CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work anymore.
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