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IPV6 Tunnels/Firewalls and News Clients

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  • IPV6 Tunnels/Firewalls and News Clients

    Ok I have set up an IPV6 tunnel to connect to some IPV6 only news servers. The connection works without the windows firewall on, but is blocked when I activate it.

    I sort of half understand this stuff, but if anyone that could pass a knowledgable eye over it, I would appreciate it.

    I am configured thusly:

    XP Sp3 Pro
    I have a cable connection, that is NOT using a router (ie no NAT)

    My news client talks to port 1119

    and I used (ip's removed)

    "netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1119
    To make the tunnel connection.
    and something like (ip's removed)

    "ipv6 install"
    "ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/ pub"
    "ipv6 adu 2/2001:470:sum:addr::2"
    to config IpV6.

    The line in the "pfirewall.log" file (ip's removed)

    "DROP TCP src.ipv6.addr dest.ipv6.addr 3491 119 64 S 257086100 0 16384 - - - SEND"
    Now I thought that the Windows firewall didn't drop "Outgoing" packets?

    I have tried adding exceptions for, the news client, ports 1119, 119, even wininet.dll, but I just cant get my head around whats up.

    Please can somebody shed any light on what is happening??

    Many, many thanks in advance.

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    Re: IPV6 Tunnels/Firewalls and News Clients

    Is this a stand-alone PC? Or, is it part of a domain? I would check for any policies that may be restricting you. I would also check your router (if that is how you are connecting) and ensure it is configured to allow this.

    Have you considered installing a third-party firewall? It would offer you better protection and a much more flexible configuration than the Windows firewall.
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      Re: IPV6 Tunnels/Firewalls and News Clients

      It is just lil ole me, here at home, no domain, no router between me and the nasty big Internet.
      I know I should really be using at least a router and probably a stand alone firewall, but I just find them too big and a pain to set up/configure, as im always fidlding, installing this and that, The M$ vanilla one serves me just fine, even on my creaking XP box. I find that if I just keep my virus prog up to date, and know what processes are runnng, for the most part im fine (frantically touches all the wood he can see)


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        Re: IPV6 Tunnels/Firewalls and News Clients

        Well, to be honest, I suggested installing a firewall for two reasons.

        The first is that you would specifically be able to controll IPV6 traffic.

        The second is that the XP firewall is one-way only - it is only in-coming connections that are monitored. If malware is introduced via removable media, there is nothing stopping it from sending data out through your PC.

        Your reluctance to take this essential step to enhance your security puts your data at risk. It also potentially affects others too.

        Follow the advice given here. It won't cost you anything except a little time learning how to configure the software.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy