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Win 2000 authentication across the network

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  • Win 2000 authentication across the network

    We have a Windows 2000 network at work that we inherited from another company. Though the network works fine and most PCs can se each other we have a problems:

    To access some machines on the network a dialogue box appears asking for a username, we enter the username and all is well, we can access a shared printer or resources on another machine. Thing is how do we get round having to type in the username every day to authenticate ourselves across the network?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is it multi-domain ?
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      As far as im aware (and im no expert when it comes to networking) all machines are on the same domain. They certainly all connect to the router by obtaining an IP address automatically. Is there a way to dell the domain of the PCs?


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        Re: Win 2000 authentication across the network

        I frequently encounter this problem when I go to a new small business customer account. The prior people that maintained the computers would set up Win2000 on all machines with no password or the same password using the administrator log on id. When you boot any of the machines the shared printers mapped drives and other netrwork components all see the same user id and password. Of course this is not exactly the way one would want to set up the networked computers in any kind of secure environment. ANother way to do this and avoid the separate log on is to have the same user accounts and passwords on all machines. When any machine boots and the user logs on all other computers on the network see an id and password that is on these machines. Hope this helps. BTW, contrary to what many people think, it is possible to assign no password to and administrative account on a Win 2000 machine, but it must be done when the OS is installed.