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two questions in one ... BSOD and partition

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  • two questions in one ... BSOD and partition

    Hello all... first let me thank you in advance for any help you can offer... I am running XP Pro -1 OS... I do not have the OS disc ... My wife "accidently" installed AVG which has caused a BSOD due to fighting with Sophos ... The error code I get is 0x000000E3 "A thread tried to release a resource it did not own"... In a moment of brilliance she tried to reinstal from a image disc of an old xp pro and added a partition os... I would like to one get back onto my origional OS and two get rid of the added OS ... Safe mode will not load at all it keeps sending me back to the BSOD with same error message...please help!!!

    Thanks again

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    Re: two questions in one ... BSOD and partition

    Hi there, the following is a procedure I used on a non booting machine a couple of months ago. The conflict in this occasion was AVG and Zone Alarm. It is fairly technical but it did enable me to eventually get into safe mode and remove the conflicting programs.

    You will need at copy of a XP pro disk to boot into the recovery console any sp version should do.

    1 Boot XP disk and choose first repair option
    2 Choose option number for windows that you are going to repair
    3 enter password if required.
    5 At the command prompt type cd \
    6 Type cd system~1\_resto~1 and press enter.- You may get an error at this point if this is the case do the following:
    A Type cd \
    B cd windows\system32\config
    C type dir to view listing
    D Type ren system system.bak This renames the system file in the config directory
    E If successful type exit to reboot and go through steps 1-5

    7 After the cd\ and cd system~1\_resto~1 commands type dir to see the directory structure.
    8 you should now see directories such as rp1, rp2 etc
    9 Choose one with a date relevent to before the install of AVG
    10 type cd rp34 the number is relevent to what you have in the restore folder
    11 Now type cd snapshot
    12 Finally type copy _registry_machine_system C:\windows\system32\config\system
    13 Type exit and remove disk from cd
    14 On reboot hit F8 to access advanced boot options
    15 Choose Safe mode

    If the above works you get a one time chance to get into safe mode and remove the conflicting programs, or at least to be able to stop them starting up. Otherwis you will have to go through the whole procedure again from the start.Once removed you should be able to boot normally. However you may well have to edit your boot.ini file to remove any pointers to the second operating system. I will leave that to google.

    One final note, even though you are applying a restore point using this procedure it doesn't work quite like system restore as it doesn't roll back and remove programs as such. It just allows you an opportunity to boot into safe mode.