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Win XP PRO nonexistant Domain

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  • Win XP PRO nonexistant Domain


    I have a problem with My Win XP Pro SP3 desktop which prevents me from logging in

    I have searched previous posting and came across this from 2005 but it was not answered.
    the problem seems very similar.

    Basically my PC Froze and I rebooted. it came backup with the login screen but said "could not log me on as Domain was not available" ( I don't have any domain Configured) I cleared the message and was brought to the "new" login Screens but ant attempts to login would come back with the same error.. however nor the message had slightly changed in that it did not say
    "login to this Computer"

    as originally displayed but now it said

    "login to GINA" (not the name of my PC )

    I worried that I was hacked and some registry settings changed..

    I booted a utility CD (bartPE) and mounted the registry but could not find any "obvious" changes I removed all references to the domain it said I could not login to (I am not a XP Guru ... I am mainly a unix guy)
    I also used another utility to blank all passwords

    but this still has not resolved my prob.

    is there some registry setting that I should check to ensure that id does not try to login to a domain and simply acts as a standalone ???

    Hoping someone can help with this.

    previous post was by gilmour on July 21 2005 but it seems he did not get any responses...

    Any Help greatly Appreciated

    SNIP >>
    Neighbour has a XP Pro SP2 standalone PC that would boot normally into windows requiring No logon or password.
    Yesterday after turning PC back on it now goes to the Welcome screen logon for her user name and requires a password to be entered. If left blank or a password tried a popup appears saying can't connect to domain.
    I tried ctrl-alt-del to get to the windows classic logon screen and the same popup appears even when trying to logon using Admin account. There's also no dropdown box in classic mode to tell it to logon to either domain or local. The PC has never been connected to a domain.
    Same thing occurs in safe mode as well.

    Any ideas how to get back into the PC and would a reinstall repair possibly fix the prob?
    << SNIP

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    Re: Win XP PRO nonexistant Domain

    Ummm, doesn't look good.

    Here is what I would try; it requires that you have another working PC.

    1) Pull the problem hard drive
    2) hang it wild on the working PC
    3) Go to MyComputer | Manage | Disc mgt to see if it is "Healthy"
    4) Open My Computer find the problem drive rt click Properties | Tools
    5) Run Disc Check and fix automatically.

    It will run for a while even quite awhile if it is a big disc.

    Re-install and see if you can login as admin.

    If you can get into disc then you can check errors.