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Shared USB printer problem

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  • Shared USB printer problem

    I have a strange issue here that I'm trying to sort out. I had a recent call to an office with a Windows Server 2003 environment consisting of XP clients. One workstation has an HP Officejet hooked up directly via USB. The local user has no issue printing or scanning.

    The printer has been shared out to allow full access to everyone on the network. I went to an adjacent workstation and was able to add the shared printer, but when I try to print anything it sends it to the print queue, then deletes the job as if it was successful, but nothing prints out. I can see the same activity on the local host print queue, and there is no print error.

    I added the printer to the directory on the 2003 server, and I was able to send a successful test print from the server as an admin. I thought this may be a permission issue, so I logged into the workstation as an admin, and I was able to print. I checked the security tab, and the group Everyone, Users and System has full print access, and I noticed the specific user account of the workstation was added with full access as well. I tried removing the printer and recreating the share, but every time when a non-admin sends a print job, it will display in the queue and delete, but no error or activity on the printer occurs.

    I've told the client the best solution is to just purchase a print server so it can be properly networked, but I am really curious as to what would cause this behavior. Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: Shared USB printer problem

    Did you try adding the users to the print operators group?