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Setting XP Pro to open with a Password

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  • Setting XP Pro to open with a Password

    As I am a single user using my desktop and laptop at home I have been using XP to bootup with a blank password set. Although I have my data encrypted using Roboform I feel that in today's environment I really should use a log-on password also.

    I've forgotten how to do this exactly. If I go into User Accounts on the laptop there are 2 accounts there :-

    1. Myname Administrator and
    2. Guest Account which is turned off

    In the desktop there are also the same two accounts , the only difference being that the Myname Administrator account has no picture but has only a red X next to a blank picture. I seem to remember that this was because I disabled the Welcome screen on the desktop.( would this have caused the red X? )

    What do I do to make the bootup require the use of a password, please ?

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    Re: Setting XP Pro to open with a Password

    You need to set a password for the users, escpecially the administrator account.

    I use the computer management MMC to do this so here's the walkthrough for that method:

    Right click My Computer > choose manage

    Expand local users and groups

    Select the users folder

    right click the username you want to set the password for > choose set password

    Click proceed at the warnign and enter the password, and confirm it.

    Click ok at the password has been set popup

    Log out and enter the password that you just created.


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      Re: Setting XP Pro to open with a Password

      Thanks for the info


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        Re: Setting XP Pro to open with a Password

        In addition, to what it was mentioned... i would highly recommend to create a limited account user, set password. Instead of using the admin user account.

        On my laptop, the only reason i would use admin account is to installed, remove and upgrade applications. Other than that, i use my limited account to do all my tasks, etc...

        The limited account also helps to denied getting a virus.


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