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window nt4 - how to start without network, password or CD boot

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  • window nt4 - how to start without network, password or CD boot

    I bought a pc some time ago as I left work and I've just tried to get it working.

    It's a windows NT4 machine without CD bootup capability.
    ( the BIOS give only A and C as boot options)

    At login it asks for a login based on the domains from my place of work ( which of course I don't have)

    so to get it working I guess I have to both make it run locally and not look for a domain I don't have and hack into the administrator's password.

    I don't have any installation discs for it.

    I've tried putting the hard drive in my computer (XP PRO) so I could tinker with registry and login.scr but that doesn't work because the ribbon cable is incompatible.
    I've tried to get some sort of system by booting from the installation floppies ( which I downloaded from
    three of them required and then it asks for the installation CD which I don't have and don't know where to get.

    Can I get a dos prompt from those disks or in some other way so I could tinker with login.scr and issue net passwd?

    I've also looked at the "john the ripper" password hacker but I don't think that will be much use because I can't get to the password file and I still have the missing domain problem

    I have looked at but this doesn't help because at present any login attempt ( e.g. guest/guest) fails saying "you cannot log on now because the domain SAT is not available"

    any ideas.

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    Re: window nt4 - how to start without network, password or CD boot

    Try logging onto the Local Machine. At the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen, click the down arrow that is to the right of the SAT Domain. If you can logon to the Local machine, you can "unjoin" it from the Domain. If you get this far make sure you reset the Administrator password BEFORE rebooting.

    Failing this, throw the old thing away and buy a newer second hand machine. Here in OZ, you can pickup a P4, 3GHz, 1 - 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, DVD Burner for AUD$100. What you have is really very old. NT4 Workstation is now over 13 years old so the hardware could be 8+ years old. An eBay copy of Windows 98 would install on the hardware. It is unlikely to support XP.
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