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Sysprep with XP Image on HP

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  • Sysprep with XP Image on HP

    Hi Folks

    We are about to roll out 70 new HP DC7900 PC's
    I have prebuilt the PC with all our apps etc...then imaged with Acronis

    All I want sysprep (fairly new to sysprep) to do is distribute the XP Key that the original sysprep file had. I do not want it to change anything else ( I have created a new default user with all IE settings/desktop etc)

    The HP system must use a generic key tied to the BIOS/MotherBoard ? which is fine as I have extracted from original sysprep folder (I imaged original PC before booting)

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Sysprep with XP Image on HP

    On Windows XP, when you extract Sysprep from the file, you also get a setup manager program which you can create a Sysprep.ini which you can configure your sysprep image, you may also include the Windows XP key so new PCs deployed with the image get it automatically.