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Windows exploring Slow down

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  • Windows exploring Slow down

    I have a single XP Pro workstation that is experiencing a slow down when trying to load a data file when using explorer. I have traced the problem to a server that I took offline about a week ago. I have removed all missing mapped drives and actually removed the ODBC connection that was also connected to the removed server. BUT! when I go to try and load even a 10K text file from exploring it can take 30-40 sec. to load. Running netstat while trying to load the text file shows the Microsoft-ds connection SYN_SENT to the removed server.

    I used net use and only see valid mapped drives and no mappings to the removed server.

    If you load notepad or word first and then open the file you do not get the delay.

    I am on a domain using Server 2003 and 2000.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows exploring Slow down

    Do you use DFS?


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      Re: Windows exploring Slow down

      Yes it is used for the SYSVOL only.

      The weird thing is it is only happening on 1 out of 25 computers. Bad thing is it is my Boss's computer!

      I put the offline server back online and everything is A OK..

      Also the server that was offline is just a member application server not a DC.

      Sorry... I am NOT using DFS.. SYSVOL is using FRS..
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        Re: Windows exploring Slow down

        Try using the dfsutil from the W2K3 support tools on the client machine:

        dfsutil /PurgeMupCache
        dfsutil /PktFlush
        dfsutil /SpcFlush