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XP Pro SP3 - Problem with Speaker Volume

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  • XP Pro SP3 - Problem with Speaker Volume

    On my XP Pro SP3 PC. I have SoundMax Digital Audio which has worked faultlessly until today when , after listening and watching some You Tube videos , the speakers stopped working and I received a message :- "Windows cannot execute SndVol32.exe. Use Add/Remove Programs to install"

    On searching , I found this file did not exist on my P.C. ( I have all Folders set to be visible ). I also searched my XP Pro SP3 laptop which has no sound problems and that also does not have this file .

    I then re-booted the PC and the sound was back to normal , still without the presence of the file SndVol32.exe. The only file present in Sys32 containing any reference to sound is one called "sound.drv" - similarly with my laptop.

    FWIW , If I go into C.P. > Sound & Audio Devices>S & A Devices Prop> click on the AUDIO tag and then click on the VOLUME box in DEFAULT DEVICES I get the same error message.

    Can anyone explain this :- should I have the file SndVol32.exe in my Windows/Sys32 Folder ?

    If I should , then why are my speakers working without it ?

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    Re: XP Pro SP3 - Problem with Speaker Volume

    Google says:
    First try this: Go into your Control Panel and open Folder Options, under the View tab uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)", click Apply/OK. Now go into Windows Explorer(Not Internet Explorer) and go to C:\Windows\System32\dllcache folder and open it. Locate the sndvol32.exe file right click it,choose copy. Next go to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and open it. In the right pane right click an empty area and choose Paste. Now you should have your volume icon back.
    Otherwise, repair XP.
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      Re: XP Pro SP3 - Problem with Speaker Volume

      Thanks - I didn't look in the dll cache folder but I did search for the file and it didn't show up in that for some reason.

      I eventually recovered the sound by a re-boot.


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        Re: XP Pro SP3 - Problem with Speaker Volume

        have you tried re-installing the sound drivers?