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SoftwareDistribution FILE instead of Folder

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  • SoftwareDistribution FILE instead of Folder


    I noticed a problem with some computers that we're imaging. Automatic updates doesn't work because there is a FILE called SoftwareDistribution in C:\Windows, which prevents the folder from being created.

    Deleting it fixes the issue. Has anyone seen that? I'm having a hard time finding out the cause... NTFS corruption?

    I should have a copy of the "file" tomorrow to see what's in it, if anything..
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    Re: SoftwareDistribution FILE instead of Folder

    I've seen the SoftwareDistribution folder, but wasn;t aware there was a softwaredistribution file.

    I've definitely seen the issue where it gets confused/corrupt and needs to be deleted and wuauclt restarted, hoewver i've never found out what causes it.
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