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Need help w/ Boot error fix

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  • Need help w/ Boot error fix

    Hello everyone,

    Just joined in hopes to fix what seems to be a simple issue but I need some good advice. I'll try to keep this short but complete.

    My buddy has a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5020D Tablet PC w/ Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 (SP3). I understand this OS is the same as XP Pro except modified for Tablet screen functions. This issue has to do with Boot up files, which are probably the same in both OSs. If anyone knows for sure please let me know.

    The problem comes at boot up, giving the following error message " ... Load needed DLLs for HAL". There's no pre-made emergency disc. There is a pre-made Recovery disc for the Tablet and XP Pro install discs from my PC.

    The fix, from what I can tell, is to simply replace/repair the needed DLLs for HAL or whatever minimum else may include them.

    Already tried:
    1- Going into Safe Mode to run test. It won't do it. I was, however, able to acces the BIOS utility to change the boot order to boot from the disc drive first.
    2- Rescue disc. Won't do it "...error in program/software"
    3- Norton Systemworks install disc (says it will substitute for an absent Emergency Disc). The virus scan worked and came out clean, but the other tools would not work "... error in program/software".
    4- XP Pro install disc repair tools. Won't work "... error in program/software".
    5- ASR backup created by my PC (I'm getting desperate). The Backup utility won't work to create one - get's hung up on "prepairing to backup using a shadow copy..." phase. But my PC's registry files may not have allowed this to work out anyway if put into the Tablet PC.
    6- Re-install XP Pro in repair mode with my PCs discs - thinking the boot up and system settings would be the same between OSs and it will just replace what's needed. This was working, but we don't have the license key for the Tablet - not on back labels. So we're stuck on this unless the tablet seller has a record of it or any of you know how to extract it from the Tablet under the current circumstances.

    Any ideas from anyone??? I just need to replace what seems to be a few files and I'm already 2 days into trying to help him out on this.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Need help w/ Boot error fix

    You mentioned that you had a restore disk for the tablet pc. When you boot with the restore disks do you get an option to restore to factory image?

    Obviously if you need to backup data first, a boot to a linux live cd to access the drives would be a good idea and then transfer the data to a usb hard drive device.

    Also the factory restore option will remove any of the user installed programs that may have been added.

    Here is a link to a similar spec machine and what the user did.