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Windows XP Restrictions

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  • Windows XP Restrictions

    I would like to find some guides to create a user account with restrictions on registry. For example: i want that a user to not have the possibility to install applications and use applications that can modify the registry. This is specially for not getting a virus that would mess up the os. I am famyliar with SteadyState from Microsoft, but i want to seek another solutions allthought. The computers aren't included in a Active Directory. Thankyou.

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    Re: Windows XP Restrictions

    So long as the users aren't members of the Local Administrators Group on the computers that should cover your needs. Standard users can't install apps or access regedit by default in Windows XP.
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      Re: Windows XP Restrictions

      This would not disturb the functionality of allready installed apps? For example the internet navigation and the use of a mail client?


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        Re: Windows XP Restrictions

        While we don't know what browser or mail client you're using, no it should not affect that. But you really should be testing that in your environment to find out for yourself.
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          Re: Windows XP Restrictions

          Sorry, i was refering to internet explorer, mozila and outlook 2007. I shall test for evrey app and make a log so that i know what is good and what isn't. Thankyou very much for the answers.