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  • Com ports Problem

    I have problem with my utilities connected to my desktop. (XP)It seems that all my ports( comports) have messed up. And I have no knowlege how to repair. Can you help?

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    Re: Com ports Problem

    Could you possibly explain in detail what problems you're experiencing?

    Originally posted by Tracing View Post
    I have problem with my utilities connected to my desktop
    What utilities and what problem?

    Originally posted by Tracing View Post
    It seems that all my ports( comports) have messed up
    What do you mean by messed up?

    What have you done to diagnose the problem and what did you find?
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      Re: Com ports Problem

      On my desktop I have connected, printer, scanner, wireless keyboard, chat camera, ( and reservations for other cameras), GPS, mobilphone, and two diffrent palm computers, One i didn't manage too install. ( No CD and interface cable) and bluetooth equipment. + an extened hardrive.( they are all USB connected) I have two PS- cards with USB - ports. (2+4) + 2 on the front of the chassi.

      Printer and scanner works correct. The wireless key board i lose contact all the time as soon as i leave computer for 1 hour.
      I have Active sync4.5 for Mobile phone QUTEC 810 AND MY jORNADA 540 seem to connect on the same port so they cant be connected simultanesly. I have not come further in my try to solve the problems.

      ex when I try to give a comport in settings on the Active sync to one of the mobil units. The desktop dosen't find the any available port.
      As I can't come further with the mobil units. I havent tryed with the cameras.