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Problem with XP Fonts

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  • Problem with XP Fonts

    I have a user that cannot use Windows XP due to the fonts. Her eyes are so sensitive that they swell up and she cannot work. Her eyes have been checked and they are fine. She has no problems on Windows 2000. We have changed her Monitor both to CRT and LCD. I have even tried 'Clear Tweak' which helped, but still she could not work. All other users are on XP except her. Is there any way to make XP the same as Windows 2k as far as the fonts. Any other adjustments other than 'Display Properties' - 'Settings'? We have tried everything there. I cannot believe someone else has not run into this issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Right click on the START button, Properties and choose Classic Start menu. Apart from that I think you will find 2000 and XP pretty much the same.
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