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EeePC XP keeps restarts

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  • EeePC XP keeps restarts

    My EeePC starts normally then when the black screen with the windows logo and the loading bar comes up it restarts. This happens when i start in Safe mode, last known good config.

    I pluged in another HDD with windows loaded and the same thing happens?

    Any Idea?


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    Re: EeePC XP keeps restarts

    If nothing pops up in the Event Log and rolling back to a previous Restore Point doesn't fix it then I would do a clean install.
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      Re: EeePC XP keeps restarts

      Do you have any hardware diagnostics you can run from a boot disk? Before the restart, do you see a brief flicker of a blue screen?

      It may be a hardware issue - run Memtest86+ and see if the memory is ok.

      It may also just be a Windows problem with the installation from that machine causing the reboot, and the hardware difference causing the other installation to complain.
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        Re: EeePC XP keeps restarts

        all good. I just reinstalled XP.