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  • Searching For Optimization / Clean-Up Application


    I am an IT Consultant, and am looking to find a good optimization/clean-up program that I can use on my client's machines. Currently, I do all the optimization manually because it seems a lot of the optimization and clean-up programs out there are either not great at doing their job, or aren't transparent in what they do, or potentially cause problems either because they are poorly designed or inundated with spyware/adware/etc.

    I think the most important feature of an optimization/clean-up program for me would be one where I maintain total control over what it is doing (i.e. it says it wants to do A, B, C, and then I tell it to only do A and C and it only does A and C and nothing else). Also, I'd want a reputable one that doesn't contain any spyware/adware or anything else that could potentially cause problems. Hopefully it would be able to run on at least WinXP and WinVista (and maybe on Win2000 and Win7 also).

    Obviously, the program would have to have the option of doing things such as clean up temp files, defrag, list/diagnose background processes and startup processes that might slow the computer down, and more. I'm thinking I'd prefer the program not do any registry cleaning (or at least give the option to not do this) as its been my experience that allowing a program to "clean" the registry can cause more problems than it solves.

    I'm hoping that some of you out there might have some suggestions for me. Any information is greatly appreciated!

    Also, if anyone out there has any other good diagnostic programs (such as a network diagnostic tool that maybe does stuff such as measuring bandwidth and latency, etc.) I'd be very interested in hearing about them as I'm always looking for new tools that help me diagnose and fix issues faster and more efficiently.

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    Re: Searching For Optimization / Clean-Up Application

    Aside from trying to do a fresh install at least once a year, I mostly use EasyCleaner by ToniArts URL REMOVED BY MOD (it can be found using Google) Don't know how many client computers you need to use it on but in my last job there were only 40 or so computers so it wasn't a big deal to run the app manually.

    It will detect unnecessary files, delete startup entries, clear IE history/cookies, and some other stuff. It does have a registry cleaner but it's the best one I've used and never once had any issues (crosses fingers) but it can create a backup before deleting.
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      Re: Searching For Optimization / Clean-Up Application

      Try TuneUp Utilities 2009.

      Features :

      Awards :

      Volume licensing :


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        Re: Searching For Optimization / Clean-Up Application

        Realistically I'd think you'd run into different junk issues on every computer you'd work on.
        I'd say pulling off their data and reinstalling would be a quick solution. There are so many things we do when we're cleaning computers; you have to admit that.

        I'd look at your typical junk issues and see what already solves your problems.
        How well does add remove programs work? One app I find is fun on new systems is called Decrapifier... but I'd still think you'd see more results from the manual removal.
        Are you willing to accept that a program may keep a bit of clutter on it, such as an empty folder after uninstall?

        Do you want to just drop ghost images on their machine of a fresh install of the OS and enter their license key at the registration screen? This can cut down OS installs to 15 minutes or so if you have a decent program. The downside is drivers aren't always accounted for- esp. for laptops- and usually have to be applied after the fact. Might add another 30 minutes on top of the imaging process and putting their data back on the computer, but it does save a lot of tech support time if you're looking at turnaround time.

        What capabilities are in the OS installed? Does Disk cleanup get enough removed?
        Microsoft finally put a scheduled task for disk defragmentation to run on Wednesdays which leaves that step moot of a tech's typical cleanup job.

        Are you getting more malware issues? I'd consider the imaging/ghosting solution mentioned above.