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  • Block traffic

    I have a computer in my lab that I want to limit all network traffic to/from.
    I want it to be able to communicate only on the local network
    (e.g. allow only a certain range of IP addresses to communicate with
    it) and block everything else. I don't even want to allow any web
    browsing on the computer... Is there a way to do this with normal
    Windows firewall or some other free firewall?

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    Re: Block traffic

    Originally posted by Davidwtsn View Post
    Is there a way to do this with normal
    Windows firewall
    No, Windows Firewall doesn't filter outbound connections.

    Originally posted by Davidwtsn View Post
    or some other free firewall?
    Would expect so, yes.
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      Re: Block traffic

      You could try removing the default gateway from the machine if all the IP's are on the same subnet.


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        Re: Block traffic

        Methinks IPSec policies could also do the trick, although that's not the most simplistic solution. For some inspiration you could read:

        "How to block specific network protocols and ports by using IPSec"
        "Block Ping Traffic with IPSec"
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