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Windows XP as print server

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  • Windows XP as print server

    Sorry if i am asking a question that might be already treated on this forum. Here is the situation:
    I have an workgroup about 5-6 computers (Win XP Pro) and one printer. All the computers are conected to a network that has internet access. The printer is an HP MFC with usb conection. I have an old computer that i want to use as print server. I want to add this computer to the workgroup and share this printer, but i want to allow only workgroup users to print to this share printer. On the old computer is installed windows xp professional. Please guide me to this setup.

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    Re: Windows XP as print server

    i guess the best way to do this if you are in a workgroup is

    1. install the printer on the pc and share it
    2. being that you are in a workgroup make sure that you create new ID's for all 6 of the users in your workgroup in that PC. **make sure the password for each user is the same password that they log in to their PC with***
    3. From the share tab in the printer properties give each user rights to print/manage jobs as required
    4. Remove the print rights from "everyone group" so that only those specified users can print.
    ***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT DENY THE EVERYONE GROUP. Otherwise no one will be able to print.

    alternatively you can purchase a USB print server for about $100-200 and set the printer up as an IP printer and only give it to the folk that need it.

    hoep this helps.


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      Re: Windows XP as print server

      Thankyou for the answer, i will give it a try and i will let you now the outcome.